I know many pet owners ask how to I Train A Kitty Cat at home. For example training your cat takes time and patience. It takes more of that then it does with a dog. I would say a sure fire way to get results is to use positive reinforcement. For instance whatever you do, don’t scold your pet cat. I know this because they are likely to just misbehave when you aren’t looking. Best of all praise your young feline for good behavior. It is wise to first start when the kitten is young, about eight to ten weeks old. Best of all the feline will do well at any age.

Train A Kitty Cat

I would say the first thing to start with is training your kitten to come when called. For example hold your cat’s favorite kitty treat and call their name. I know distractions will slow down the kitty or confuse them. Most importantly the command should be short and easy to say. For example, come kitty works well or here kitty will work too. Besides make sure your voice is exciting and happy. Above all else when the feline comes to you, reward them with the pet treat. I would make sure you insure that you praise the cat as well.

For instance cats like warm dark places so put a comfortable kitty bed and even a cat toy inside the cat crate.  I would not praise them when they coming out of the kitten crate. I know you do not want them to think this is the good thing. For example make sure to reward them whenever they go in.  Eventually your cat will be trained well enough to keep them in the pet crate. I would say to Train A Kitty Cat can be full filling.