I know it can be a little overwhelming to Train Your Canine To Sit. In addition to get your puppy to associate the act of sitting with the command. For instance simply hang around with your dog and when they sit give the “sit” commands. I would say getting down to your canines level will allow you to present his reward (treats) quicker. For example bring the puppy treat up over the pets head. I know they will smell the food and follow it with their nose. Therefore this action will cause them to sit (backup, but obviously we are hoping for the sitting action.

Train Your Canine To Sit

I know the key to the training is to present the rewards at the exact moment the dog sits. Besides but you must also give the command at that moment so that they associates command with action. Therefore as the dog sits, say “sit” and then immediately give him the treat. I would say give the puppy praise – show joy in your voice and they will really respond. For instance repeat three to five times at each session but no more than that. I know training should be fun and not a boring chore so don’t overdo it. Besides you may have several sessions throughout the day.

In addition when you spend the time to train your pet, you get much more than just some tricks. I would say they love to do things with you. For example they learn to listen when you say their dog name. Besides they get used to being with you and doing things on your initiative. I know good training is a leader in strength. Best of all this type of repetitive reinforcement will help create the bond between you. I would Train Your Canine To Sit daily.