I know with practice you can be Training Your Dog To Stop Barking in time. I would then get a box of dog treats. For instance when the canine stops barking, immediately praise them and give them a treats. I would not let any time elapse between the end of the bark and the puppy treat. Therefore the canine behavior is coming before the cue and shape the behavior first, and then add your cue.

I know teaching your dog to stop barking on command just takes time. I would say you could go away for a few minutes and come back. For example just stand there, doing nothing, not rewarding him at all, not even looking at him. It may take a long time, but eventually your dog will calm down, stop barking. Besides once your dog calms down and stops barking, reward them again. I would give them a treat and praise at the same time. Best of all don’t give them a pooch treat for just barking on his own. I know this part will take a while, they will eventually understand the command. Besides you’re rewarding him for good behavior he already is predisposed to do.

Best of all you can teach your dog to be quiet. I know you may have to wait a long time before he’ll stop barking. I would say once you can count to five without any barking, then reward your pet with praise and a puppy treats. For instance praise of a dog at irregular intervals is the intermittent reinforcement part of the picture is very powerful. I know intermittent reinforcement works better than if you reward behavior every single time. Best of all Training Your Dog To Stop Barking will bring joy to you and the whole family.

Training Your Dog Stop Barking