I know many pet owners struggle with training your feline cat at home. For instance curtains might be a way to dress up your windows. Above all else to your cat they are a fun thing to climb up. Therefore you want to discourage this behavior and one way to do that is to use tension rods. In addition when your cat tries to climb up on the curtain that is attached with a tension rod. For example the whole thing will come tumbling down and make a clatter that will scare it. I know this might be a bit inconvenient for a while. Most importantly your kitten will soon learn that climbing on the curtains is not fun and will avoid them. I would do this temporarily until your feline gets the hint and then go back to your usual curtains.

If your cat is chewing up things around the house try putting a distasteful substance on them. For instance cayenne pepper, biter apple, orange peels, lemon peels and sprays. I would say specifically purchased for this purpose in the pet store can all do the trick. In addition the next time your feline goes to chew it will think “ick!” and won’t want to chew that item. For this reason you want to test to make sure whatever you are putting on it won’t get ruined.

If you have to have the garbage out then make sure there is a tight lid and avoid swing lids. Besides a good garbage pail would be one that you have to lift off the top. If your cat is tipping the garbage can over put something heavy enough so that they are unable to tip it over I know many kitty owners struggle with training your feline cat at home

Training Your Feline Cat