I know many feline owners struggle with Training Your Kitty Cat at Home. For instance cats have a natural instinct that will lead them to climb. If you are not providing the proper tools for the feline to use, they will. For example it will be kitten furniture, drapes, counters or any thing that they can scratch. I know scratching is an enjoyable activity that a cat likes to do. For instance it helps remove old layers of nails on the felines claws. I would say cats do scratching also to mark their territories in the home.

Training Your Kitty Cat at Home

Therefore providing a feline scratching pole or kitty tree for the kitten would be the best solution. Above all else with a cat scratching post, they are able to do this and not have your pet furniture ruin. I know there are many different types of kitten scratching post on the market to get for the feline. When purchasing a kitten pole or feline tree for the cat, watch the carpeting on them as the feline will hook their claws on the loop.

Most importantly teaching a pet kitty to scratch on a feline pole or kitten tree does not come easy. I would say you will have to show the kitten what the pole is for and what options that can do on it. Therefore you yourself will have to scratch at the pole to show them that this is OK. I know providing good playtime with a cat with the cat tree will show that they can. For example with rewarding the cat with a massage or healthy cat treat when they do use the pole. This will let the feline know that the behavior is acceptable. I know many kitten owners struggle with Training Your Kitty Cat at Home.