I know some canine owners struggle with Traveling With Your Pet Dog. For example unless your pet canine is a frequent flyer, air travel is likely to be a very stressful. I know each airline is going to have their own set of rules for traveling pets in a dog cage. Therefore have your puppy vet sign a document, stating that your canine is healthy. I would make sure you have proper identification puppy tags on them. For instance you must provide an adequate pet cage or puppy crate for you canine to travel in. The pooch crate must be big enough for rover puppy to stand and sleep in.

Traveling With Your Pet Dog

I would attach a note to the pet crate stating your dogs feeding and water requirements. Best of all keep your dog pet leashed whenever possible. Along with the pet tags, make sure you have paperwork with current vaccinations. If your road trip involves staying overnight somewhere, insure that your accommodations allow a pooch cage. Above all else keep your puppy dog cool while in the pet kennel. If you don’t have air conditioning in the car, make sure you have a window down that works.

In addition traveling with your four legged pal makes a great trip even better with a pet cot. If you follow these basic guidelines and bring a dog kennel it will be a great trip. I would educate yourself on rules and regulations for traveling with your pet puppy kennel. Best of all you will have a great memory of your trip, that will last a lifetime when using a canine crate. To help your pet sleep in a different location then the norm, please bring along their favorite pet cot. I know some pooch owners struggle with Traveling With Your Pet Puppy Dog.