I know puppy owners can struggle with Traveling With Your Pet. The best Pet Cages in the world and can be purchased online. Your best course of action might be to hire a pet sitter or board your animal at a dog kennel. I would make sure your pet is current on all their vaccinations especially if you and your pet are traveling by air. I know microchips can be read at animal shelters, or dog kennels, and animal hospitals nationwide.

Traveling With Your Pet

For instance use a secure dog carrier for your pet pooch to travel in. It needs to be large enough so that your pet can stand up. It is also important to secure the puppy carrier in the vehicle not allow your pet to roam. Therefore airplanes vary and so do the pooch carrier specifications for the space. When traveling by air confirm that your pets carrier meets the size constraints. I would say to bring along a recent photograph and a written description of your pet. In addition it should include name, sex, breed and microchip numbers. This will increase your chances of your pet’s safe return should the unthinkable happen.

Print your pet’s name and your name and address and phone number on the outside of the canine carrier. I would say to include both your home and your destination address. It is important to make sure that your pet is comfortable being in a pet carrier before you start the trip. There are a few items that you can bring that will make trip easier on everyone. In addition a old blanket works well to put down under the animal carrier. Therefore old sheets can be used to cover furniture and bedding at your destination. I know kitten owners can struggle with Traveling With Your Pet.