I know Treating Your Pet Right can cost you time and money. In addition the food that we give our animals means a great deal. For example the treats we give them are merely an afterthought. I would say even health-conscious pet owners who purchase expensive cat food often buy the least expensive treats. Therefore why is it that so many of us have a habit of giving them relatively poor treats with no nutritional value.  I know the healthiest cat or dog food does not have everything, each pet has specific needs. Because we feed our pets around 2 times a day, treats are a superb supplement to their diets. I know 2 or 3 treats a day really adds up in the long haul. If we are going to add calories, they should be healthy ones.

I would say your supermarket is filled with dog treats that are full of poor ingredients. For example here are a few things you will definitely want to look out for. I know they can cost far less to include in a Roverpet treat than the superior quality carbohydrates or meat protein. In addition to this, soybean meal as well as ground corn and wheat are common pet allergens. Most importantly keep this in mind when choosing a kitty cat food or a puppy dog food. Above all else by-products are all of the items that you would not willingly feed to your pet kitty.

I know there are a number of other items that the labels do not always reveal to us. For example, condemned parts of animals not good enough for human consumption. I would say that they are sometimes rerouted into commercial treats. Therefore Treating Your Pet Right can be a very rewarding for you and your puppy.

Treating Your Pet Right