I know many pet owners are wondering how to Walk Your Cat On A Leash. Besides the best time to start training is when your cat is a kitten. I would say at this stage the feline doesn’t have any programmed behaviors. For instance you can try to mold feline to what you want the kitten to do. In addition an cat may be a bit more set in it’s ways and might require added patience.

For example you will want to do is search out the leash that will be suitable for your kitten. I know there are many different pet leashes on the market to day. In addition some are retract able with a setting to be able to allow just enough leash out. Best of all you can just let the kitty have as much as they would like. I would say this is nice for walking and for letting the feline to play. Above all else with control that they do not run off or get in to much trouble.

I know if the cat is wearing the harness loose, then it is the time to tighten the harness up.  For this purpose you will want to give the kitten time to wear the harness. I would say the next attach the leash to the kitty. In addition you should first to have the cat play with the leash. For example put the kitty leash on and get the feline use to having it on. I would say you will want to start walking the kitten inside, until the kitty is doing well. Therefore once the cat is comfortable with the leash then it is time to go outside for a walk. I know to Walk Your Cat On A Leash takes time and energy.

Walk Your Cat On A Leash