I know some of you pet owners wonder Where Does Your Cat Nap during the day. For instance maybe a kitty bed that fits your tastes, because there are some made in the USA. I would say you’ll find a colorful cat bed in fun pet prints that will add a touch of whimsy. For example you’ll find designer brands to choose from as well. Besides you can also choose based on how the feline bed feels too. I know cats like to find a secure, warm spot to rest. For example many, getting into the tight warm couch cushion seems like the ideal place. I would say you will find that some kitten beds you can choose from are heated as well. If the feline spends time on the porch or chilly areas, you may want to give them one of these Roverpet beds.

Therefore if they just doesn’t seem interested, add a catnip toy to the kittens bed to attract them. I would make sure that you place it in a cat friendly location too which will help to make it appealing. Most importantly kittens don’t want to nap in low places so you may want to put it off the ground. I would make sure to keep it from being in the midst of heavy people traffic as well. Besides they need to be able to relax and sleep there or he won’t want to be there.

For that reason place the feline tree where your cat normally sleeps and then store it when you have guests. Besides the cushions that are under the mat will then be hair free. In other words these are padded shelves that have become very popular.  I would say Where Does Your Cat Nap on a perch by the windowsill.

Where Does Your Cat Nap