I know many feline owners struggle with how to deal Why Kitty Cat Urine Smells. For instance cat urine odor is unique among the many smells we know. In addition there are other smells that are worse, most of us probably don’t come across them. For example many people wonder why kitten urine odor is so hard to get rid of. I would say kitten urine is composed of five different bacteria strains. Therefore two of the bacteria strains are associated with the cat’s marking scent. Besides the other strains are in the feline spray, and pet urine, uric acid.

Why Kitty Cat Urine Smells

Above all else the sticky, tacky part of feline urine is urea. In other words urochrome is the pigment, and then there are the uric acid crystals and salts. Most importantly the first two components are not difficult to clean. Therefore uric acid with its crystals and salts are what we continually see and smell, long after we’ve tried to clean it. I know the crystals are insoluble, and they bond tightly to any surface they land on. For instance this is why kitty urine is immune to common household cleaners. In addition any type of moisture that gets on the crystals reactivates them. For example this is why we smell felines urine odor more distinctly when the weather is very humid.

The only way to completely and permanently clean up urine odor from any surface is to use an enzyme cleaner. I know these cleaners are special formulas that actually eat the bacteria and crystals in feline urine. In addition common household cleaners don’t contain enzymes. For instance pet odor and stain removers use enzymes that attack and get rid of urine bacteria. I know many kitten owners struggle with how to deal Why Kitty Cat Urine Smells