I know Roverpet manufactures a 10’ wide indoor dog pet gate.Β  In addition it goes beyond the typical width, expanding up to 10’ in width. Besides this plastic pet gate allows more options for pet owners.Β  I know the PVC canine gate Β is extra wide, durable, easy to install. For instance the expanding puppy gate is an industrial strength, incredibly resilient canine gate. I know it’s made of vinyl coated PVC, which is resistant to rot, rust and warping.

Wide Indoor Dog Gate

All of the plastic puppy gates are environmentally safe and will not harm the pet in any way. For example the plastic canine gates provide a safe containment, making sure that the pet does not get stuck in between the vertical bars. Best of all it is also safe if the pet tries to chew. I know this plastic pooch pet gate is easy to install, it takes minimal tools and a few steps.

I know the 10′ wide indoor puppy dog gate comes with all necessary hardware for simple installation. With this plastic pooch gate the canine owners are not limited to using only a door jam. In addition installation can take place between two walls as oppose to just a door jam and it will not ruin the home.

I know the extended plastic puppy pet gate can fold flat for easy storage. Besides it will not take up to much room in a closet if you need to store any time. For example it can fold up and lay flat if you are limited in space. By investing in Roverpet PVC puppy pet gates, the pet owner gains control and confidence that the pet is in a safe space.

Roverpet is proud to offer the wide plastic puppy canine gates for owners of all types of pets.