I know your pets chewing issues can be very overwhelming for new pet owners. If your pet is a newly acquired puppy then rampant chewing goes with the territory. For example it is a natural response to teething. If your pet is past puppy and showing no sign of quitting. For instance if your mature pet inexplicably begins chewing away at stuff, this is a sign of a serious problem.

I know pets of all kinds can be divided into aggressive chewers and non-aggressive chewers. Therefore aggressive chewers annihilate what they chew and sometimes swallow the pieces. I would say non-aggressive chewers gnaw, play and mouth puppy toys without breaking them. Besides many theories attempt to pinpoint certain dog breeds as most likely to chew aggressively. I would say the fact is, it’s more personality related than it is breed related.

If your dearly beloved pet is still a puppy you will need to work out which category of chewer.  For that reason this is an important fact to take into consideration when shopping for dog toys available. If your dog is an aggressive chewer you will need to buy canine toys that are chewy. I would say as well as super strong and durable. Because aggressive chewers are inclined to bite and swallow pooch toys that are brittle, be unbreakable.

I know some manufacturers actually sell toys with an impressive 100% product replacement. Most importantly if the animal manages to destroy it. Besides aggressive chewers need their own type of animal toy made of tough rubber and rawhide. I would say they need to be kept well clear of pet toys that lesser chewers would be safe. The Black Kongs are ideal for these enthusiastic chewers. I know your pets chewing issues can be overwhelming for dog owners.

Your Pet's Chewing Issues