I know sometimes Your Stubborn Kitty Cat can really get on your nerves. In addition when pet training a cat for behaviors there are some things you need to take into consideration. For example aggression, especially in older cats, can be caused from illness or other cats. I would say you may want to contact your vet or pet breeder to have your cat checked out to see if it’s alright.

For instance depression and anxiety can play another part in trying to train your kitten. If a cat is separated by a pet owner the feline can become depressed. Above all else stress is not uncommon for a kitty. If you think that your cat has depression or high anxiety, this would be a good to the vets. I know pet vets can talk to you about some of the things that may be causing this. For example there are also medications that a kitty vet can prescribe for the feline to help with depression and anxiety.

Most importantly when they do something that is not right, ignore the problem unless you catch them in the act. I know you can associate a noise with that behavior you don’t like, or in a stern voice tell them “NO”. If a behavior is becoming impossible, you may have to resort to the baby proof home. I would say make sure all containers that have food in them have a lid on it. Therefore make sure that the counters are clean and have nothing that a kitty cat would want to play with. For instance you will want to start training your cat or kitten almost immediately after you get them. I know this will stop many unwanted behaviors and hopefully help you deal with Your Stubborn Kitty Cat now.

Your Stubborn Kitty Cat