I will say this is the best 72” tall feline gate that is portable and very durable for your home. I know that Roverpet has been manufacturing the 72” tall cat gate in the USA for years now. Above all else this 72” tall kitten gate is geared towards pets, which prevents them from climbing it. For example, bear in mind that most healthy cats are great jumpers. I can say they won’t be able to launch themselves over this indoor 72” tall kitty gate. I would say cats can jump high, that is why this indoor 72” tall pet gate is perfect.


72” Tall Feline Gates


Above all else Roverpet makes an indoor tall cat barrier that is modular and portable. In addition, this indoor tall pet barrier will persuade your kitty to stay on the correct side. For instance, we have discovered the best plastic indoor feline barrier for your cat. I will say this foldable indoor tall kitten barrier has the advantage of being portable. I can say with the indoor tall kitty barrier it’s not restricted to one area in your home. Best of all this lightweight foldable durable plastic pet gate is designed to take up minimum space.

Most importantly this one can fit in the tightest space and almost completely blend in with your decor. For example, assembly of the Roverpet plastic indoor pet barrier is very simple and can be done in minutes. It could prove to be a good solution for keeping other pets away from your kitten. Best of all, preventing your dog from disturbing the cat while it’s eating. For instance, is made from quality PVC which can withstand rough treatment from your cat. I will say this the best 72” tall feline gate that is portable and very durable for your home.