Pet Gates

Roverpet Pet Dog Cat Gates

Roverpet Cat and Dog Gates and Free Standing Gates

The Roverpet Plastic Pet Gates are designed to keep your pets safe, and out of trouble. Our indoor dog gates are simple to install, requiring only a few minutes and a screwdriver, The pet kitten gate opens with just a pull, swinging completely clear of the doorway.

Once installed, it takes only seconds to remove the puppy pooch gate for storage or to use in doorway. In addition our world’s tallest cat gates and dog gate can be configured for a left or right opening!

Our Roverpet Puppy Gate are made entirely of PVC, and with good reason! This heavy-duty industrial strength plastic wide pet gates are far superior to any other materials. For example our puppy canine gate product has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Most importantly you will be amazed how durable our cat enclosure is. The kitten gate is incredibly light weight but sturdy.

In addition the durable dog gates engineered parts offer incredible strength, unmatched are reliable for years! Our canine gates won’t rust, rot, mold or peel. In addition all of our wide feline gate is made right here in the USA. The Roverpet wide kitty gates has quality your pet deserves!

Roverpet has the World’s Tallest Available Pet Gates

In addition the Roverpet Extra tall dog gates are perfect for calm dogs, and the tall cat gates prevent your curious cats from getting into trouble. Most importantly our tall pet puppy gates provide a great way to keep your pets contained regardless of their size.

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