I will say the 72” tall kitty gate stops them from entering an area of your new home. I know that Roverpet has been manufacturing the 72” tall cat gate in the USA for years now. Most importantly the 72” tall kitten gate prevents them from rooms that are meant to be off-limits to pets. I can say restricting a feline’s movements is easy with this indoor PVC 72” tall pet gate. Best of all you can install a 72” tall feline gate to encourage your kitty to stay where you want. For instance, it’s designed to fit openings large and small with its sturdy lock mechanism, and ease of installation.


72” Tall Kitty Gates


I would say this Roverpet extra tall cat barrier is very effective at controlling kittens. In addition, the sturdy plastic extra tall kitty barrier does not restrict airflow into a room. For instance, the durable extra tall kitten barrier can be locked shut after you enter. I will say whether you have a young kitty or an adult the extra tall pet barrier works the best. I know this extra tall feline barrier has been voted the best animal gate year after year.

Above all else many kitten breeders have determined this Roverpet product is perfect for your feline. For example, the plastic pet barrier won the pick for the best overall for its durable design. I will say if it’s not wide enough for your doorway, you can attach the extension pieces that extend it out. The unit is taller than many other products, so it will prevent an incredibly agile feline from leaping over the top. For instance, the plastic design that prevents your feline from squeezing through. I will say the 72” tall kitty gate stops them from entering an area of your new home.