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Roverpet Small Indoor Puppy Pens built with room to exercise for your puppy. Puppy Pen Door allows easy and controlled access for you and your dogs.                           Size: 24″ high x 2′ wide x 4′ long.

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I know the Roverpet Small Indoor Puppy Pens is designed for temporary containment.
Besides they are built with room to exercise for the new puppy.
Most importantly they are comfortable attractive and safe for your pets.
For instance the small indoor canine pens door allows easy and controlled access for you and your dogs.
Emphasis on easy to clean with soap and water.
For example they are available in white, which give them modern look and feel.
For instance Optional X Pen Cover is available for purchase.

Most importantly the PVC panels interlocking design makes assembly quick and easy.                                                                         Therefore we create a fun place for your dog to play.                        For example this versatile dog play pen can be used both in your home and outdoors.                                                                                I know we help protect your pet from the elements in style.              Above all else this modular dog pen folds up easily.                          For instance our pet door swings freely or locks for containment.   Size: 24″ high x 2′ wide x 4′ long.

Firstly you can arrange versatile PVC panels in many types of layouts. For example our dog exercise pen with door gives you easy access to your pet whether you use it as a pen.                                                     I know a large dog pen is a great solution for pet parents who want to give their canine freedom to play.                                                   Firstly our puppy exercise pen provides you with a versatile kennel.    For instance the Small Indoor Puppy Pens come in Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
Besides they are ideal for pets napping, relaxing and playing in a controlled environment.
I know they can assemble quickly without the use of tools.
Firstly they are perfect for those dogs who like their own sleeping compartment.                                                                                    Most importantly the PVC small indoor canine pen is made in the USA.

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 26 × 26 in

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