Pet Gates Extensions

I would extend the width of your Roverpet PVC Pet Gates with these freestanding pet gate extensions. Therefore each puppy dog gate extension is 24″ wide and is available in various heights. I know the Dog Gate Extensions are lightweight and durable. Firstly the Free Standing Kitty Cat Gate Extension allow easy and controlled access for your cats. I know the durable dog gate comes recommended by Veterinarians and Breeders. I know the pet gate extension will not rust, rot, flake or peel. Firstly the puppy gates are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC. I know our indoor sturdy dog gate extensions are all about quality, and function.

Besides these kitty pet gate extensions are designed and manufactured to provide flexibility. I know the tall puppy gate are expertly crafted with a beautiful plastic design. Therefore our tall canine gate will mesh well with your home’s decor. I know the PVC puppy gate is a durable design and can be moved easily.  Most importantly the plastic puppy gate provides a contemporary, stylish alternative.

I know this handsome pet product offers convenience for you, so you can place this wide cat gate anywhere. I know the base keeps the wide cat gates upright and prevents tipping. Most importantly the plastic dog gate only have a 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars. I know the cat wide kitten gates extensions are available in white they have that modern look. Therefore wide feline gate extensions can be added to an existing gate to any desired width. I know puppy dog gate extensions are made in the USA.

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