Chew Guard Dog Beds : #3660CG – 36″ x 60″


Roverpet PVC Chew Guard for Dog Beds goes over the edge where the material wraps around the pipe. It prevents the puppy or dog from chewing on the edge of the dog bed and material.
Size: 36″ wide x 60″ long

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The Roverpet PVC Chew Guards for Dog Beds are sturdy by design.
Firstly the dog cot chew guards go over the edge where the material wraps around the pipe.                                                                                                                                  In addition it prevents the puppy from chewing on the edge of the PVC dog bed and material.                                                                                                                     Above all else the pet cots are available in white, gives them the modern look.  Because it features PVC dog beds chew guard technology for durability.            Therefore while not indestructible, our pet beds with chew guards will last longer than other standard beds.                                                                                                    Most importantly chew resistant canines beds does not mean chew proof.                      For example the best results, please monitor your elevated dog cot.                                Besides the puppy bed chew cover resists grime, and odors.                                   Size: 36″ wide x 60″ long

For instance our canines bed chew guards we cut ourselves in our manufacturing facility in the United States.                                                                                                Best of all are puppy beds chew guards are more durable than others, and that’s what you’re looking for.                                                                                                         Most importantly the canine beds chew guard is rugged and strong for years.               I would recommend this chew PVC puppy bed guard to anyone with an energetic or destructive dog.                                                                                                          Above all else the puppy dog bed chew guard for are made out of industrial strength PVC.

For example these are America’s best-selling elevated dog bed chew guards.                In addition the canine bed chew guard resists chewing, biting, scratching, hair, and moisture.                                                                                                                      Most importantly the sturdy dog cots are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.                For instance our pet cot chew guards are waterproof and durable.                              Emphasis on easy to clean PVC puppy beds chew guards with soap and water.        Besides no tools needed to attach to pooch bed.
Items Included for:                #3660CG                                                                            (2) PVC covers for upper arms
(2) PVC covers for cross bars

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 5 × 11 in

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