I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we love our Large Canine Whelping Boxes and Roverpet Whelping Pen. For that reason we stopped by at the Louisville KY dog show cluster to pick up parts. For instance we just whelped our first litter in our purchase and could not be happier, assembly was 20 minutes. I will be quicker next time because i will have more experience. In addition we decided to relocate from where it was. For instance I was concerned we would have to un assemble and reassemble, but that was not the case. For example we just picked up and carried to the new location.

Best Pet Animal Gate

I know the Roverpet Large Puppy Whelping Boxes is a breeze to set up. I know any clean-up that was necessary was easily wiped away. In addition our PBGV mother loves the ability to walk in and out the door. Most importantly we left open for the first couple of days. Best of all the vertical slats are thin making it easy to keep a watchful eye on the mother and puppies very easily. Emphasis on easy to clean small canine whelping box with soap and water. I know whelping puppies is a snap in a Roverpet PVC dog whelping pen. For instance they are available in white, which gives them the modern look. I know this durable whelping box  comes with a non porous grade PVC that is sustainable.

Most of all we are so glad that we chose this pet product over the others on the market. Thank you for taking time with us and discussing all the benefits. I know it is nice when a product lives up to your expectations.
We Just Love Roverpet pet Products,

Tammy Hensley
Mainsail Newfoundlands
Grand-Voile PBGVs