I know many animal owners struggle planning a Pet Dog Friendly Vacations. Most importantly pooch friendly vacations and travel planning make sense. I would say pet owners with households travel with their pet, and the majority stay in lodging. Therefore puppy friendly hotels, condos and vacation home rentals do exist. If you will be planning canine friendly vacations, here are some tips for travel. I know when I make reservations, to double-check that pets are allowed. Firstly the important advantage of reserving online is that you can see in whether or not pets are permitted. I would say online, you can print out your reservation receipt that includes the “pets allowed” information.

Pet Dog Friendly Vacations

Most importantly take a short drive with them to feel them out. I would gradually increase the length of time and distance that you drive with them. Therefore before making a long trip with your pet, the idea is to have them comfortable with being in the car. For instance dog crates are usually sold at pet stores or are available online. I would check with your pet vet for any recommended vaccinations appropriate for your trip.

In your hotel room, condo, cabin rental or home rental. For example never let your pet use the cat furniture or beds unless you’ve covered the furniture or puppy bed. I would place your pet’s food and water containers on a mat or newspaper in the bathroom. For instance before leaving your pet alone in the room or rental, make sure the front desk knows. I would make sure that you leave your pet secured in their travel container or puppy crate. Therefore if housekeeping staff will be entering the room at any time to clean your safe. I know many canine owners struggle planning a Pet Dog Friendly Vacations