Pet Gates

PVC Pet Gates and Freestanding Gates for Dogs and Cats

Gates designed to keep your pets safe, and out of trouble.

The Rover PVC pet gates open with just a pull, and swings entirely clear of the doorway. No longer will you have to make do with a gate that was not designed for the safe containment that your pet needs and deserves.

Our indoor pet gates are simple to install, requiring only a few minutes and a Phillips screwdriver. Once installed, it takes only seconds to remove the pet gate for storage or use on another doorway. And, our tall cat and dog gates can be configured for a left or right hand opening!

Our Rover pet gates are made entirely of vinyl plastic, and with good reason! This heavy-duty industrial strength PVC is far superior to any other material used to make dog pens and many pet products. The vinyl plastic has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. You might be amazed as to how strong and durable our Pet Products are, and yet pleasantly surprised that they are so light in weight.

The Uniquely engineered parts are made from a molded PVC vinyl which offers unmatched strength, incredible durability, and a material that will last for years! Our PVC gates won’t rust, rot, mold or peel, and all of our products are made right here in the U.S.A!

Extra Tall Cat and Dog Gates
tall cat gates
The Extra tall dog gates are perfect for large breed dogs, and the tall cat gates prevent your curious cats from getting into trouble. Our tall gates provide a great way to keep your pets contained regardless of their size.

Freestanding Dog and Cat Gates Available
We now have freestanding pet gates that require no drilling and can be placed throughout your home, wherever you need them. These freestanding gates include molded footings that keep them standing upright, even in the middle of the room.