Pail Safe Pet Clips (Model #PSCVP)


Pail Safe Clips hold metal buckets to a Roverpet puppy dog crate cage. This PVC mounting clip is design for metal buckets.  🐕️                                                                      (Value Pack of 10 clips is designed for extra savings).

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Roverpet Sturdy Puppy Pail Safe Clips PVC (Value Pack) holds metal buckets to the durable indoor pet dog enclosure pen crate.

  • For instance the indoor pooch canine crate mounting plastic clip are for metal buckets
  • Emphasis on plastic pet pens water bucket connectors are easy is to clean with soap & water.
  • In addition the flat-sided stainless steel buckets are designed for hanging on indoor modular dog kennels with our PVC Clips.
  • Most importantly these metal water buckets durable plastic pet cage connector are rust proof.
  • Roverpet indoor puppy dog kennel bucker holders have a contoured design for comfortable lifting off when cleaning needs to be done.
  • Roveroet paw friendly plastic pet play pen bucket connector design has no gaps or pinch points.


Dog Crate Pail Safe Clips


  • For instance the water repellent Pet Pail Safe Clips are compatible with our indoor puppy dog crates.
  • Most importantly the indoor modular dog pens are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean plastic.
  • In addition this patented designed to hang canine dog crates food buckets without tipping over comes in very handy.
  • For example the pail clip is perfect for keeping your dog’s food pail off of the PVC canine pet kennels floor.
  • The metal bucket connectors (Value Pack) is designed for extra savings.


  • Roverpet PVC patented designed will keep in place with active puppies & hold most handle style pet crate metal pails.
  • This system for water metal pails will keep it off of the indoor durable pet kennel floor & is great for sanitation purposes.
  • In addition the indoor puppy dog crate Pail Safe Clip is made from Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • Above all else the indoor puppy dog cages are available now.
  • Best of all the plastic pet canine enclosures are made in the USA.


  • Items Included:                 #PSCVP
  • (10) PVC Pail Safe Clip for metal buckets.


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