Felines Love Cat Towers and my wife and I only had a small kitty scratching post made from carpet. I wish there would have been more options back then for cat trees, and  cat condos  other cat furniture. In 1988 Roverpet was formed do to the lack of quality kitty furniture and canines alike.

Felines Love Cat Towers

Felines also have an instinctual need to climb up to different heights, establish their territories and relieve boredom. Roverpet cat trees can provide your kitty with a place to express their instinctual behavior as well as keeping them in good shape. A fat, bored kitten is not a healthy one, and I love my pets to be happy. As any indoor cat owner knows, when the feline is young they need a place to release their energy. When they get older they tend to slow down so a cat trees is the perfect platform for older cats to exercise. If you have had your kitty condo or kitten tower for a while your cat will be used to climbing it as part of their routine.

It is a well known fact that indoor pets usually live a much longer. Life as an outdoor feline may face health risks which don’t affect most of the outdoor types. If your cat isn’t given an opportunity to exercise, explore and hunt they run the risk of excessive weight gains. I know the modern cat beds can easily encourage exercise and activity in your cat. There are so many innovative and unique designs available all the way from multiple levels. Break away cat toys which encourage your feline to exhibit prey like behavior such as jumping and pouncing. Felines Love Cat Towers and taller the height will ensure that your kitty will exert plenty of energy as they move.