I will say most canine parents struggle with how to get puppy dogs to swim. It’s a common misconception that dogs and swimming go together. For instance, some canines do have a knack for treading water. It has been said that not all puppies are naturally gifted swimmers. I would say that pups with flat faces or short legs, swimming can be a physical challenge. For example with training most canines can learn how to stay afloat in the water. Most importantly you need to know a few things about pet pooch swimming before you hit the pool.


How To Get Dog to Swim


I would say many water-loving pooch breeds have built-in traits that enhance their swimming. I know Golden Retrievers tend to enjoy swimming and they’re very good at it. For instance, there are other canines who struggle in the water because of their build. In addition, most boxers come to mind, when we talk about the breeds that struggle. Most importantly these pooch breeds tire easily and have a hard time keeping their muzzles above water. It has been said that a Corgi may not be able to power themselves through the water.

For example, pet breeds with large chests and smaller hindquarters, like bulldogs, find swimming difficult. In addition, some water-averse canines might be nervous around water or detest being wet. For example, these are all broad generalizations, and there are plenty of pups who enjoy swimming. Best of all your Pug won’t be the typical candidate to swim, a love of swimming is really a preference. If your puppy dog was born to swim, at-home lessons will probably suffice. You can offer a safe introduction that can help puppies become more comfortable in the water. I will say most pet parents struggle with how to get puppy dogs to swim.