I know most canine owners stress over how to teach your pet dog to swim. I will try to give some advice on how to teach a dog how to swim and some safety issues. For example always check with your vet on any medical questions. I would start your dog out in a pool or shallow lake where you can enter the water with your puppy. Many canines will be more confident if you are standing with them. For example if they are nervous about venturing out on their own. I would build their confidence before letting them go on their own. In addition bring a favorite toy with you and encourage them out further by tossing dog toy short distance.

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Therefore you should bring another dog who knows how to swim along to help encourage your pet. I know there are life vests you can purchase to aide in teaching your dog. In addition they have handles that you can hold and are helpful for getting a dog back into a boat. For instance what if your puppy goes off and won’t come back. Therefore you have two choices, swim out and get them, or wait until they come back. I would never let them off leash and away from you. For example until they will return or start in shallow water where you can go get them.

I would use a two canine toy approach to retrieving and swimming. I always keep one close by so I can toss it near me. Most importantly try to make a lot of noise to get their attention and toss it into the shallow water. I really like kong pet toys or retrieving bumpers. I know most puppy owners stress over how to teach your pet dog to swim.