Roverpet has a understanding of puppy Pet Crate Training For Dogs and a canine mindset. You can make the process a lot easier and faster. In turn makes it a more fun and rewarding for both you and your puppy.

So in order to be successful in dog cage training for dogs or puppies, a basic understanding of “natural” puppy dog behavior is needed. Here are a few examples:

1. Pets cannot view things the way we do; and in fact many times situations are just the opposite of what it looks like from our perspective.

2. Dogs do not make connections between cause and effect when any amount of time has passed.

3. Canines do not understand the spoken language unless it’s paired consistently with something meaningful to them.

4. Dogs are frightened and confused by anger that humans display.

5. When a pet experiences fear and confusion as a result of a human getting angry with him this also slows down the pet’s learning process since effective learning cannot take place under these conditions.

What Canines Do Understand:


Some of what pets and puppies do understand is:

Instinct and self preservation-(neither of which they have conscious control over)

Immediate consequence to action

Positive rewards

Tone of voice

Some body language


Pet Crate Training For Dogs


And they are effected by our emotions even when they don’t understand them.

Pets and puppies respond more quickly and more reliably to positive incentives than to fear or punishment.

In many cases, punishment tactics actually cause behavioral problems, can compound existing ones, and can even bring about the opposite behavior than what we are trying to achieve.

In addition Roverpet dogs puppy pet crate training puppies using positive behavior shaping methods. For example allows you to effectively train your pet without having to use punitive measures.