I know for a fact Roverpet Plastic Puppy Dog Cage is an amazing product. I got the 4′ x 4′ that is 36 inches tall. For instance she is about 14.5-15″ at the shoulder and 11-12 lbs. she can not  jump over. I also purchase on your PVC cage floors with mine and we LOVE it. I know it’s one of the very best investments I’ve made.

Plastic Dog Cage

For example she walks right in when I ask her, and I toss a puppy treat! In addition sometimes she goes in as it’s HER place. Firstly our puppy exercise pen provides you with a dog kennel that can be transformed into an dog run. For instance it only takes seconds to convert this canine play pen to a pet gate or room divider. Because of the water-resistant design this puppy play pen is to be used outside.

For example the dog crate panels are made with heavy duty plastic which stand up to constant pet play. I know they are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC, for years of usage. Therefore they are ideal for dogs relaxing and playing in a controlled environment. I found out about you from my puppy breeder who also uses the Roverpet plastic pet dog cage and PVC floor.

If we need to enclose her WHILE we’re home, she is put in a pet crate as does have a fit to be in it when we’re home. Best of all she will as I’ve mentioned before go in to lie in puppy bed in there when we’re home, but it has to be her choice.

I could get a top, but only have to confine if I’m doing stuff. LOVE IT!!!! I use “simple green” spray to clean it and use paper towels.

Evilene M.