I know your cat scratching can be alarming to some new kitten owners. If your cat has fleas or ticks, you need to take action. For example if they are scratching or have irritated skin, your cats need you to bring them to the vet. Therefore this pet problem needs to get under control because it can become a larger problem if you do not. In addition even clean cats can end up with fleas. All it takes is a stray animal to come close enough to the cat. For instance the pet cat can pick them up outdoors as well. I know one flea can leave many eggs and cause a full scale attack on your pet. For example these are pre measured liquid treatments that are applied directly to the cat’s skin and coat.

Your Cat Is Scratching

In addition when fleas get onto the kitten, these products kill them before they can lay eggs. Therefore those who want preventative measures for keeping the kitty safe should use these. For most though, it takes seeing the fleas to get them to start fighting them. If you see tiny black or brown insects on your animal, your cat is flea infested. For example if you do see them, realize that the problem is already a problem.

I would say what you need to do is make sure to check your pet for fleas all the time. Therefore you can do this with a flea comb if your cat is scratching. Firstly comb through the cat’s hair and pay attention to the hair around the cat’s head and belly. In addition these are the ideal places for fleas to hide including the ears, eyes and the nose. When combing your pet, if you find a flea you know they are throughout his body.