I know Dog Crate Training Tips should be large enough to allow your dog to stand without hitting his head. In addition the PVC crate should be so large that your dog can relieve himself in one corner and play and sleep in another. For example to encourage your dog to “like” his new puppy pen, you should equip it with a bed. I would also include a bowl of water and a toy that he likes. (You might want to remove the water at night when you are potty training your dog)

In addition you must introduce the puppy crate slowly to your dog. I know crate training them in smaller interval, about 10 minutes. For example gradually increase over time, your dog need time to get used to being cage. I would never crate them for more than 30 minutes or longer for the first time. It is not advisable to kennel a young puppy for long period of time. Most importantly about 2 hour period and pup should always be exercised before being crated.

It’s quite normal for dogs to kick up a fuss, bark and moan while in the cages. If these things happen, do not give your dog any attention. For example do not even look in his direction. Besides don’t let him know that he’ll get your attention when he kicks up a fuss. I would simply ignore him and let your puppy out only when they settle down.

*If it’s a puppy you’ve just introduce the crate to, maybe you can offer him a treat to calm him down. I know That Dog Crate Training Tips should not be if you have had a very long day. If you notice that your dog displays hyper active behavior, you might be crating too long!