Large Dog Bed Frame (Model #3660FF)


Roverpet durable Large Dog Bed Replacement Full Frame. Made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.  🐶        Size: 36″ wide x 60″ long


Roverpet Durable PVC Portable Elevated Large Puppy Dog Bed Cot Hammock Lounger Full Frame in 36″ wide x 60″ long is hearty and sturdy.


Large Dog Bed Frame


  • For example the PVC Large Puppy Dog Bed Full Frame assembles in only seconds without glue or tools.
  • Most importantly the raised puppy hammock will not hold or sustain fleas, disease, moisture.
  • Dogs are kept cool in summer months with the use of the Hypoallergenic PVC outdoor puppy hammock design allowing air circulation.
  • Above all else the durable raised indoor dog cots are available online.
  • Roverpet Hypoallergenic PVC raised pet cot design & technology is for durability.



  • For instance the Large Dog Beds Full Frame is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.
  • In addition the Hypoallergenic raised indoor puppy bed can be easily cleaned with soap & water.
  • Most importantly the Roverpet Hypoallergenic modular pooch pen kennels are made in the USA.
  • I can say the plastic raised outdoor canine hammock is rugged & durable.
  • Putting your elevated outdoor pet cot together is a breeze a few simple steps to assemble & disassemble.
  • For example the durable elevated puppy Large Dog Beds Full Frame resists dirt, grime, and odors.


  • Items Included:             #3660FF
  • (2)    SCH40 PVC pet cot sturdy upper arms
  • (two) SCH40 PVC lower legs
  • (2)     SCH40 PVC cross bars

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