Two Level Cat Play Center (Model #KK2-CPC)


Roverpet durable Two Level Cat Play Center is a perfect way to provide exercise and entertainment for your feline. It will keep your cats feeling comfy and secure while climbing through the levels.  😺                                                                Size: 54” high x 24″ long x 18″ wide

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Roverpet Two Level Cat Play Center is a perfect way to provide exercise for your feline.

  • In addition the durable feline cat cozy cabin is veterinarian approved
  • This cozy kitty cat tower is patented and has a orthopedic design.
  • For instance the cat towers staggered levels provide privacy and minimizes conflict.
  • The sturdy feline kitten cozy cabin is shelter approved.
  • Above all else the comfy cat furniture comes recommended by breeders.
  • Emphasis with the indoor feline kitten play center it is easy to clean with soap and water.
  • For example the feline tower is safe for your pets.
  • The comfy kitty tower is designed for hours of enjoyment or napping.
  • Size: 54″ high x 24″ long x 18″ wide


Roverpet Two Level Cat Play Center


  • For example the feline towers are lightweight and durable.
  • The Indoor kitten cat play center frame is made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC
  • For instance the Roverpet kitten cat cozy cabin is made in America.
  • This raised cat beds are available in Black or Blue trim.
  • The cat hammocks are stain-resistant you and your pets can enjoy these for years


  • Best of all the kitty towers are stain-resistant your pets will enjoy.
  • Emphasis on being 100% machine-washable kitty tower can allow years of usage.
  • They are constructed from cozy ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin.
  • For example felines sit up high so they can enjoy the scenery on this Two Level Cat Play Center.
  • Most importantly the durable cat tree will help keep kittens cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • In addition the cozy kitty cat trees assemble quickly they are great for travel and active ones.
  • The sturdy kitty trees is quick and easy cleaning in the event your pal has an accident.
  • For instance the replacement comfy cat crate cover is hand sewn making it stronger.


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