I know many canine owners may be frustrate with trying to Stop Your Pet From Barking. In addition she explained that while my puppy dog barked a lot, he couldn’t bark on command. Firstly she taught him to bark on command, and then she taught him to be quiet on command. Best of all the whole process took less than an hour. For example dogs are pretty smart, so it may take some canine dogs longer. I would say it’s an incredibly effective technique, and my dog doesn’t give me trouble. What a great afternoon!

Stop Your Pet From Barking

I know there are two elements at work here: positive reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement. Because positive reinforcement teaches dogs the behavior, and intermittent reinforcement keeps the behavior permanent. Best of all studies have shown it to be about 10 times more effective than negative pet reinforcement. I know everything she did was very clear and precise, which was the reason she got her results. Most importantly your results may vary, but the clearer and more precise you can make everything better. I would say go on a long walk with your puppy dog to get them a lot of exercise. For that reason your dog can’t learn when they are all riled up.

Above all else once they stop barking, count to five slowly to yourself. I know you may have to wait a long time before they stop barking enough. For instance you can count to five without any barking, then reward with praise and a dog treat. Best of all at this point, the good pet behavior comes before the cue. I would say shape the good behavior first, and then add your cue. For that reason to Stop Your Pet From Barking it may take hours or days of dog training.